Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Journey's end

For now!

A bit soggy!

But still rolling.

Shelter from the storm

Underneath I-64

Norhing else to do

Guess I'll keep riding!


A bit early for dinner, I guess it'll have to be a late lunch!

Food bag's getting a little skimpy

Good thing I'm getting close to dinner!


Tractor pull!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cycling on route 28 in Virginia

I was wondering how this would go, so I'll share in case somebody else is wondering.

I rode on 28 for I'm guessing about 10-15 miles today. I just followed Google bicycling directions from Arlington to culpeper.

The first part of 28 is a pleasure. 4 lanes, divided highway,  plenty of room and not much traffic (on a random Monday noonish).

Later on it gets to be two lanes,  and at times the shoulder is slim to nothing. Even still, the traffic pretty moderate which made it tolerable.  The beautiful scenery helped too!

I suspect riding it at not rush hour makes a difference.

Here are a few photos.

Baggin' it

I unloaded my backpack at the post office this morning.  My Whole Foods bag fits everything I need, and is more secure and easier to put on my rack.

Plus it looks cool, I think.

Sexy new front tire

Tire / tube changes:

Day 1: major (audible) leak in front tube. Patched the tube.

Day 2: pretty fast leak in rear tube. When I took off the tire, I found quite a collection of small glass and rock bits in there, so I went ahead and changed the tire too, even though there was no evidence the tire was punctured. Partly I had never changed a tire and so wanted to try.

Day 3-5 they seemed to hold up pretty well with just a little topping off now and then.

Today (day 6) the front tire's slow leak was at the point where it needed air every hour or two, so I changed it. The tire too, as this one, like the other, was full of glass bits.

If I were to do this over again one thing I would do differently is to start the trip with new tires.

Hooray for Walmart!

It's like a bike shop that's everywhere, always open, and not overpriced!


I recognize this spot!

I think it's my mother in law's favorite spot to park and nap while driving through here.

Off route 28

And on the beautiful Bealton road.

Faquier County

How do you pronounce that again?

The country!

At last!


Not just Target


Bye bye kindle navigation

My kindle setup was a little too static. It had only premeditated PDF routes. In reality I end up routing more dynamically.  So I'm moving on to Google maps plus hand drawn routes for on-the-road reference.

Fair Lakes

Last fuel stop till Charlottesville!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Whoops: Whole Foods Arlington!

Total accident: look what I stumbled on!

I took the opportunity to pick up a couple GoRaw energy bars that I couldn't find at P Street.

Hi Mom!

And family! Some family happened to be in DC this evening so we met up to say hello. And Mom took my camping stuff, lightening my load. Thanks Mom!

I'm in Arlington tonight.

I think the images are rotated but I don't want to spend time trying to rotate them on my phone. Turn your head sideways :).

Beautiful store

It has the largest selection of prepared foods of all the WFMs I've visited so far. Delicious!

P Street!

And not a moment too soon! I have just raisins left in the bag.

A world within riding distance

A world, sure. But no WFM here! I saw a sign for a "yes" organics coming soon though. Lookout Whole Foods!


Can't complain

It's a beautiful afternoon, I'm well rested, and these back roads through Maryland are the nicest I've been on yet!

P street WFM by dinnertime?

Zonk indeed!

After two nights in a row of late night festivities of one sort or another, I slept in. I checked out of the hotel at noon! And first stop is walmart to get a new pump (I broke mine). Adventures to be sure, but not much in the way of miles :)

Camping fail!

After laying for two hours without sleeping, mostly because of mosquitoes and insufficient protection therefrom, I decided to reevaluate my situation.  If I don't get any sleep, that won't help me ride!

Eventually I recognize that the only thing keeping me camped is some sense of pride. Silly!

Fortunately for me there's a hotel only half a mile away. At midnight I check in, methodically wash my clothes and scrub the poison ivy off my body, and zonk out.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stealth camping at BWI

Putting this camping gear to use. I toted it all this way after all! Hey, maybe it would have been wise to test out gear before hitting the woods. I have a bug net canopy to hang from my tarp, and I'm winging it because I've never used it before.

BWI bike trail

Beautiful trail overlooking the BWI airport.

Bye bye Baltimore!

Baltimore: Whole Foods Harbor East


Flax is here!

I like flax!

Awesome church

Almost time for dinner!

Sweet triceratops dude


That's right, it's the Chesapeake bay!

Crossing the Susquehanna

Walter Biller of Biller's bicycles gave me a lift over the bridge. He and his wife Mara were great, and they have a real nice bike shop.

Thanks guys!

I met two other cyclists by the bridge. Blake and Avalon are riding from Massachusetts to north Carolina.  Rock on!