Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How it came to pass

I'm riding my bike from NYC to Charlottesville, VA. Starting tomorrow!

I decided to do it because we have family in VA and it was time for a visit. Having a bit of time on my hands, and a liking for adventure, and a disliking of riding in cars, I decided to take the scenic route.

But what to eat? Sure, I'll also have to figure out where to sleep and how to not get lost, but those are ordinary challenges. What to eat, on the other hand, that's a special challenge for me! I normally eat a 100% vegan diet, organic, wheat-free, with a tendency towards macrobiotic foods. So no pit stopping at McD's for me.

Enter the Whole Foods Bike Tour. I'm planning to stop at 6 Whole Foods Market stores between here and there:

  1. Princeton, NJ
  2. Callowhill, Philadelphia, PA
  3. Harbor East, Baltimore, MD
  4. P Street, Washington D.C.
  5. Fair Lakes, Fairfax, VA
  6. Charlottesville, VA
The plan is to enjoy a hot meal, and replenish my supply of fresh fruit and snacks, at each store.

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