Friday, June 24, 2011

Night ride

After dinner, I decide to knock out a few miles enroute to Baltimore. There are quite a few to go and I want to be at Whole Foods by dinnertime tomorrow. So I set out, with a hotel 5 miles distant in mind.

The ride out to the hotel is pleasant. Beautiful sunset, rolling hills, and for the first time this trip: roads with light traffic!

It's so pleasant, in fact, that I decide to keep on riding. After calling one motel about 5 miles further and getting no vacancy, I decide to set my sights on one 15 miles further. After all, that first 5 miles was a breeze.

Perhaps I am a little flippant with myself about the decision.

I get on the final highway leading to the hotel, and it starts to get dark. I decide to check how far I have to go, thinking I'm close, because I don't want to overshoot. Flip on google directions, and..

Huh? 10 miles to go!

The highway is hilly so I start to work it, going fast up the hills and cruising down. I can do this! Vegan power! 9, 8 miles to go. 7 seems to take a while. 6 longer. At 5, it's dark and there's no longer any shops or anything around. Just me, bike, highway, hills, and a few cars. Oh, and bugs. Lots.

What if I get a flat? In the dark, miles from help? (I guess I would fix it but it's still an uncomfy thought.)  What if my phone (google maps) runs out of batteries?

I smile and change the channel; I start thinking about how it will feel to arrive, and to call my special one when I do!

The last 5 miles are slow going, but steady. I can't see the road too well. I have flashers so that others can see me but only a weak headlight.

I arrive! Exhilaration. I can tell I'm alive tonight!

35 miles from Whole Foods Harbor East in Baltimore.

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